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Juan 1-6

Juan 1:6   https://vimeo.com/320889136

Juan 1-5

Juan 1:5   https://vimeo.com/320889126

Juan 1-4

Juan 1:4   https://vimeo.com/320889121

Juan 1-3

Juan 1:3   https://vimeo.com/320889117

Juan 1-2

Juan 1:2   https://vimeo.com/320889111

Juan 1-1

Juan 1:1   https://vimeo.com/320889186

Daily Dose of Greek…en Español!

Over these past five years, we have sought to provide training and accountability to those desiring to read and understand the Greek New Testament. While this important mission has had an impact on English-speaking Christians, we desire to equip Christians across the...

Spanish Sunday Biblical Greek Resource – Griego 1-3 on IBSTE

For this week's Spanish Sunday, we would like to feature a Greek resource for Spanish speakers at https://www.recursosleighton.com/videos-lecciones.html These video lectures use a Spanish textbook for learning Biblical Greek: Griego para Sancho and you can preview the...


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