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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Double-Feature Rerun! (Corrected)

For this Saturday feature, we are reposting two of our favorite memory devices – creative stories to remember the endings for the Present M/P Indicative and Imperfect M/P Indicative.

Daily Dose Memory Songs – The Greek Alphabet

It’s our tradition at the Daily Dose to start each semester by returning to the Greek Alphabet. Sing the Greek Alphabet to yourself. Teach someone else to sing it.  As the Spring 2019 semester begins, hundreds of new students are learning the Greek alphabet for the...

Resources on Revelation

Dr. Plummer overviews his top four recommended resources for Revelation: A Handbook on the Greek Text, ESV Expository Commentary,, and Sample Schreiner's commentary



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