Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek

Do you ever run across a Greek grammatical term you don’t know and wish you had a compact dictionary of such words?  Fear not!  Buy The Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek, by Matthew S. DeMoss.   https://vimeo.com/419296236/bdfe023f0c  ...

Bible App by Olive Tree

Bible App by Olive Tree In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer discusses his preferred way of reading the Greek New Testament in the early morning… via the Bible App by Olive Tree. https://vimeo.com/423001191   YouTube Video:  ...

MasterGreek website – Free Parsing Practice!

MasterGreek website – Free Parsing Practice! In this brief weekend edition, Dr. Plummer introduces a free Greek website to help you (or your students) practice parsing. This video is a rerun.   Vimeo Video: https://vimeo.com/147886901   YouTube Video:...

Devotional Reading of the Greek New Testament

In today’s weekend video, New Zealander Darryl Burling of MasterNTGreek.com discusses the benefits of reading the Greek New Testament devotionally.  Darryl also kindly gives a shout-out to Greek for Life: Strategies for Learning, Retaining, and Reviving New Testament...

Greek Reading Partnerships

Do you wish you had an accountability partner to help you progress in your reading of the Greek New Testament? Perhaps you will be inspired to hear the testimony of Chris Wells, a pastor in rural Alabama, who leverages technology to read the GNT weekly with a...

New Website: Daily Dose of Greek in Spanish!

Today we are happy to announce the official release of our new website: dosisdiariadegriego.com, the Spanish counterpart to dailydoseofgreek.com. Our Spanish email list has already received a huge amount of support and interest. It is our prayer that this expansion of...

Greek Exegesis of James online M.Div. Course

In the Fall of 2019, Dr. Plummer will be teaching an 8-week (Oct 7 – Dec 1) online course, the Greek Exegesis of James, through Southern Seminary. In today’s 90-second video, Dr. Plummer shares about his vision for the course. This class is a 3 credit hour...

Pastor Phillip Henry Greek Testimony

In today’s weekend edition, New Jersey Pastor Phillip Henry (PCA) shares about his experience of taking the Greek Review course with Dr. Plummer in January of 2017. Dr. Plummer will teach the class again, January 7-11, 2019.  During the same week, a Hebrew Review...

Ryan Fullerton Greek Testimony

In today’s weekend edition, Pastor Ryan Fullerton tells his “Greek Story” and encourages other pastors to revive their Greek by taking the Greek Review class in Louisville, Ky, January 7-11, 2018.  For more information, email [email protected] or see:...

Testimony about Regaining Greek

Do you feel like you could never regain the Greek skills you had 25 years ago? You can!  Be encouraged by this testimony by Greg Demme. https://vimeo.com/255583448

Pastor Mike McCune – Greek Testimony

Many of the Daily Dose subscribers recently celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday (in the United States). I want to thank God for pastors and other Christians who are faithfully reading the Greek New Testament. Today we’re posting a testimony from a pastor about how he...

Do I need to know Greek?

Honest Answers video Do I have to know Greek to truly understand the Bible or to get the most out of understanding the Bible? / What does the Greek text of the NT reveal that I can't see in the English?


In this brief video, Pastor Ryan Reynolds speaks about the value of knowing Greek in his local church ministry.  Pastor Reynolds serves Redeemer Christian Fellowship Church in Roswell, New Mexico. https://vimeo.com/211184829

Rob Plummer Interview

A couple of years ago, one of Dr. Plummer’s students (a former filmmaker) interviewed him and then followed him around with a video camera for a couple of days.  The interview and video footage came together as this mini-documentary on the life of Dr. Plummer—in and...

Jeremiah Kinney

Pastor Jeremiah Kinney testifies to the value of Greek in sermon preparation. Do you have a Greek testimonial you would like to share with the Daily Dose community? Please tape a quality 90 second video and send it to Dr. Plummer https://vimeo.com/207659342

Interview with Dr. Plummer

In the interview below, Fred Zaspel of Books at a Glance asks Rob Plummer why he started the Daily Dose of Greek, what is involved in its weekly production, and how one can become a lifelong reader of the Greek New Testament. We invite you to read a transcript of the...

Paul Reese

Weekend Edition of Daily Dose of Greek https://vimeo.com/149302596


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