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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Praying with Paul in Philippians 1:3-11

In this weekend edition, we have a sample video from Dr. Plummer’s upcoming Greek Reading Course with Adullam Media. Reserve your spot:

The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek by Benjamin Kantor

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer briefly reviews The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek and A Short Guide to the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek, both by Benjamin Kantor.

Memrise Greek Flashcards to Read Philippians

In today’s weekend video, Dr. Plummer talks about the free flashcard program, which students can use to prepare for the Philippians reading course. Click here to register for the Philippians course. Here is a list of free...

Pedagogy Saturday: Using the Goodnotes App to Teach Greek

In this weekend edition, we will hear from Judson Greene, a Ph.D. Candidate and Affiliated Lecture at the University of Cambridge. Judson shares about using the Goodnotes app to teach Greek.   YouTube Video:  ...

“Shortnin’ Bread” Greek Alphabet Song

Daily Dose subscriber and retired missionary to Japan Bob Goethe shares a bit about himself and the song he uses to teach the Greek alphabet (the African-American folk tune “Shortnin’ Bread”). See Bob’s Greek website:

Daily Dose Memory Songs – The Greek Alphabet

It’s our tradition at the Daily Dose to start each semester by returning to the Greek Alphabet. Sing the Greek Alphabet to yourself. Teach someone else to sing it. As the Fall 2023 semester begins, hundreds of new students are learning the Greek alphabet for the first...

Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek

Do you ever run across a Greek grammatical term you don’t know and wish you had a compact dictionary of such words?  Fear not!  Buy the Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek, by Matthew S. DeMoss. This video is a rerun.  ...

Wading into Classical Greek

So you’ve studied Koine Greek and now you want to wade backward (chronologically) into classical Greek?  In this weekend edition video, Dr. Plummer introduces you to just the resources you need. This video is a rerun.   YouTube...

Baylor Handbook and EGGNT on the Gospel of Matthew

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer discusses two resources that he will be using regularly as he prepares his daily videos on the Gospel of Matthew: The Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament on Matthew by Chuck Quarles and the Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text...

What to Translate after John’s Gospel?

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer outlines his plan for the next book we will translate together. Dr. Plummer also mentions that a Daily Dose 10-week class on Paul’s letter to the Philippians will be available later this Fall.  ...

Free Graded Reader

Free Graded Reader In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer tells you how to download a free Christmas present – a graded reader of verses from the Greek New Testament. The featured verses only contain words that occur 50 times or more in the Greek New Testament. (Go to...

The STEP Bible

Thanks to Mark Cannon for giving us a great overview of a FREE online resource to work in the Hebrew OT and Greek NT – Spread the word!   YouTube Video:

In this brief weekend edition, Dr. Plummer introduces, a free Greek website to help you (or your students) practice parsing.­­ This video is a rerun   YouTube Video:  ...

Revision and Update of ‘Moulton & Milligan’

In this weekend edition, Allan T. Loder tells us about his fascinating project to update and revise the classic work ‘Moulton & Milligan’ (The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament: Illustrated from the Papyri and Other Non-Literary Sources, 1930). Congratulations to...

In What Sense is Latin a Biblical Language?

In this weekend edition, Dr. Tyler Flatt of the Daily Dose of Latin provides an invitation to the Greek and Hebrew for Life Conference and then answers the question: "In what sense is Latin a Biblical Language?"   YouTube Video:  ...

Greek Paradigm Poster

Dr. Plummer unrolls a Greek paradigm poster (by Stan Kondrat) and tells you where you can order it (   YouTube Video:

Revised Baylor Handbook on Acts

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer offers a quick review of the revised and expanded volumes on Acts (vol. 1 and vol. 2) in the Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text series.   YouTube Video:  ...

GlossaHouse Package

Glossa House Package In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer opens a package from GlossaHouse. See what treasures lie within.   YouTube Video:


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