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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Bookstore Event Interview with Dr. Plummer

In this video, Dr. Roberto Carrera, host of the Spanish Daily Dose of Greek interviews Dr. Rob Plummer about the study of New Testament Greek, with a focus on some recent resources that Dr. Plummer helped produce: Beginning with New Testament Greek Vocabulary and...

1-3 John Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer talks about a new technical commentary that he and Rod Elledge wrote: 1-3 John (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament.   Vimeo Video

1 John: A New Testament Greek Reader

Dr. Plummer introduces a new resource that he and Ben Merkle wrote: 1 John: A New Testament Greek Reader.   Vimeo Video:

Printed Greek-English Flashcards

Dr. Plummer is excited to introduce you to two boxed sets of Greek flashcards. They are, perhaps, the most useful Greek-English flashcards ever made: Beginning with New Testament Greek Vocabulary and Paradigm Cards, and Going Deeper with New Testament Greek Vocabulary...

The Optative Mood (Jude, vs. 2)

This video, drawn from the forthcoming “Jude in July” course looks at the Optative verb in verse 2 of Jude and talks about the meaning of the Optative mood (and moods more generally) in the Greek New Testament.

Recommended Books to Study the Epistle of Jude

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer talks about his three top recommendations for pastors and students who want to study the Epistle of Jude. See to register for Plummer’s “Jude in July” course.  ...

The Greek New Testament: Guided Annotating Edition

This Saturday, Dr. Plummer discusses the Guided Annotating Edition of Crossway’s Tyndale House Greek New Testament. Thanks to Dr. Daniel Eng for assembling such a great resource.   Vimeo Video:  ...

Jude in July Course with Dr. Plummer

Join the Jude in July Adullam Course featuring: ➡️ Extensive pre-recorded teaching videos by Dr. Plummer Automated (improved!) weekly quizzes ➡️ Weekly one hour of live discussion, Q&A, and interviews with other scholars (new!), every...

Statistical Restoration Greek New Testament

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummers makes a few comments about the Statistical Restoration Greek New Testament. Discover more about his alternate eclectic critical edition of the GNT at

Weekly Reading Log

As you begin the New Year, we would like to provide you with this weekly reading log to track your daily Bible reading. Access Daily Dose of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin versions:

New Year’s Challenge

In this weekend video, Dr. Plummer offers some specific challenges to take your reading of the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament to a higher level in the year 2024.

Greek New Testament Study App

Pastor Jeff Jansen has created an amazing FREE app to aid you in your study of the Greek New Testament. It is called the Greek New Testament Study App, and in this weekend edition, he gives a helpful orientation to this powerful tool.

Praying with Paul in Philippians 1:3-11

In this weekend edition, we have a sample video from Dr. Plummer’s upcoming Greek Reading Course with Adullam Media. Reserve your spot:

The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek by Benjamin Kantor

In this weekend edition, Dr. Plummer briefly reviews The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek and A Short Guide to the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek, both by Benjamin Kantor.

Memrise Greek Flashcards to Read Philippians

In today’s weekend video, Dr. Plummer talks about the free flashcard program, which students can use to prepare for the Philippians reading course. Click here to register for the Philippians course. Here is a list of free...

Pedagogy Saturday: Using the Goodnotes App to Teach Greek

In this weekend edition, we will hear from Judson Greene, a Ph.D. Candidate and Affiliated Lecture at the University of Cambridge. Judson shares about using the Goodnotes app to teach Greek.   YouTube Video:  ...


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