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Sunday Daily Dose Book Review

Sunday "Daily Dose Book Review".  We would like to give special thanks to GREEK FOR LIFE: STRATEGIES FOR LEARNING, RETAINING, AND REVIVING NEW TESTAMENT GREEK...

Mark 16-1

Mark 16:1

Mark 15-47

Mark 15:47

Mark 15-46

Mark 15:46

Mark 15-45

Mark 15:45

Mark 15-44

Mark 15:44

Baugh – why aorist infinitive

Drawing upon the insights of Dr. Steven Baugh, Dr. Plummer looks at Acts 14:1, asking, “Why did Luke here use the aorist infinitive of ‘to believe’?”

Mark 15-43

Mark 15:43

Mark 15-42

Mark 15:42

Mark 15-41

Mark 15:41

Mark 15-40

Mark 15:40

Mark 15-39

Mark 15:39

Textual Variants in the Model Prayer

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. David Hutchison, Associate Professor of New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, overviews textual variants in the Model Prayer (more commonly called, “The Lord’s Prayer”).

Mark 15-38

Mark 15:38



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