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James 3-5

James 3:5

Diamond Symbol in 1 John 2-6

In this weekend edition, guest host Dr. David Hutchison talks through the text critical apparatus of the UBS5 Greek New Testament for 1 John 2:6.

James 3-4

James 3:4

James 3-3

James 3:3

James 3-2

James 3:2

James 3-1

James 3:1

James 2-1

James 2:1

James 2-2

James 2:2

Participle – Berding – Weekend

Dr. Kenneth Berding has provided Greek students and professors with a wonderful resource – The “Sing and Learn New Testament Greek” CD, a collection of catchy songs to help memorize Greek paradigms. The publisher of this resource, Zondervan, is graciously allowing us...

James 2-3

James 2:3

James 2-4

James 2:4

James 2-5

James 2:5

James 2-6

James 2:6  

James 2-7

James 2:7

James 2-8

James 2:8



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