Gospel of John

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Objective Genitive

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. Plummer responds to a subscriber’s question about the Daily Dose translation of Revelation 2:13.  Why did Dr. Plummer render τὴν πίστιν μου as “faith in me,” rather than “my faith”?...

John 20-24

Easter Week-Monday https://vimeo.com/211656647

John 20-25

Easter Week - Tuesday https://vimeo.com/211656663

John 20-26

Easter Week - Wednesday https://vimeo.com/211656685

John 20-27

Easter Week - Thursday https://vimeo.com/211656703

John 20-28

Easter Week - Friday https://vimeo.com/211656725

John 20-29

Easter Week - Saturday https://vimeo.com/211656747



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