Gospel of John

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Greek Cases to Communicate Time

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. Plummer looks at the nuances of the Genitive, Dative, and Accusative cases in the way that they generally communicate time.  ...

Objective Genitive

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. Plummer responds to a subscriber’s question about the Daily Dose translation of Revelation 2:13.  Why did Dr. Plummer render τὴν πίστιν μου as “faith in me,” rather than “my faith”?...

John 20-24

Easter Week-Monday https://vimeo.com/211656647

John 20-25

Easter Week - Tuesday https://vimeo.com/211656663

John 20-26

Easter Week - Wednesday https://vimeo.com/211656685

John 20-27

Easter Week - Thursday https://vimeo.com/211656703

John 20-28

Easter Week - Friday https://vimeo.com/211656725

John 20-29

Easter Week - Saturday https://vimeo.com/211656747



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