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Schreiner’s Revelation Commentary

Beloved Daily Dose subscribers, This coming week, we start going through the Book of Revelation! As a special treat, Crossway has provided a 46-page sample of Tom Schreiner’s forthcoming Revelation commentary (see download link below), which will be published in...

Revelation 1-14

Of the 337 sentences in the Book of Revelation, 245 of them begin with καί. The conjunction δέ, on the other hand, is only used 7 times.  In this weekend video, we explore the first use of δέ in Revelation, asking, “Why δέ?”

Revelation 1-4

Why is the Greek grammar of the Book of Revelation so irregular? In today’s video, we will explore the first solecism (grammatical irregularity) in the Apocalypse of John.  

Rev 2-1

Revelation is a book of “sevens.”  Interestingly, the expression Τάδε λέγει… (“[he] says these things…”) occurs seven times in the book.  Is there more to this little phrase than initially meets the eye? This video is a rerun....

Anaphoric Article

This video provides a brief refresher on the Anaphoric Article or Article of Previous Reference—especially as that construction is used to stitch together the Book of Revelation.

Macarism – Revelation 1-3

What’s the difference between macaroni and a macarism?  Find out in this brief weekend feature on Revelation 1:3  

Rev 3-7

Rev 3:7

Rev 4-11

Rev 4:11

Rev 3-9

Rev 3:9 Weekend

Rev 3-5

Rev 3:5 Weekend

Rev 2-10

Rev 2:10

Rev 2-1

Revelation 2:1

Rev 1-4 Solecism

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