Juan Dosis Diaria De Griego

Over these past five years, we have sought to provide training and accountability to those desiring to read and understand the Greek New Testament. While this important mission has had an impact on English-speaking Christians, we desire to equip Christians across the world to study the Greek New Testament.

For this reason, we are overjoyed to officially launch a new email subscription consisting of Greek New Testament lessons in Spanish: Dosis Diaria de Griego.  If you are interested in receiving these emails you will need to subscribe to Dosis Diaria de Griego. We will discontinue the Spanish Saturday editions that go to all subscribers on Sundays. 

As with every aspect of dailydoseofgreek.com, Dosis Diaria de Griego will run by donation only.

Calling on ALL Daily Dose subscribers!

We are relying on you (our current subscribers) to get the word out about Dosis Diaria de Griego. Here is what you can do to help us:

  1. Pray that the Lord would be pleased to use us to equip his people around the world
  2. Forward this email to anyone who would be interested in Dosis Diaria de Griego
  3. Share this post on Facebook & Twitter
  4. Consider financial supporting us in this work.


Si quieres recibir correos de la Dosis Diaria de Griego (en español), suscríbete aquí:

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