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Join Rob Plummer and Adam Howell, the hosts of Daily Dose of Greek & Daily Dose of Hebrew, June 19 – July 2, 2023 for a two-week instructional trip to Israel.

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From June 19 – July 2, 2023, join Rob Plummer, Adam Howell, Jonathan Ahlgren, and fellow Daily Dose of Greek & Hebrew subscribers on a trip to Israel coordinated in conjunction with the Jerusalem University College: Institute of Holy Land Studies.

Estimated Program Price: Hotel Cost Double Occupancy: $3700 per person + airfare and personal expenses. The program price includes everything you will need for your program: meals, transportation, instructors, tips, and site entrance fees.

Daily Dose & Jerusalem University College teaching: The trip will include local guides from Jerusalem University College in addition to daily devotional teaching in the Greek New Testament with Rob Plummer and in the Hebrew Bible with Adam Howell. 

Sample Itinerary

The below Itinerary provides a general tentative overview and is subject to change due to logistical reasons or the preference of the instructor or group leader.

1. Jerusalem Walks

  • The Four Quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Mount Zion
  • City of David
  • Western Wall
  • Southern Steps of the Temple Mount
  • Pool of Bethezda
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre

2. Jerusalem Approaches Field Study

  • Mount of Olives and its churches
  • Herodium
  • Bethlehem

3. Benjamin Field Study

  • Judean Wilderness / Wadi Qilt
  • Jericho
  • Nebi Samwil
  • Gezer

4. Judah, Shephelah, Philistine Coast Field Study

  • Beth Shemesh
  • Valley of Elah
  • Bet Guvrin
  • Lachish
  • Ashkelon

5. The Dead Sea Area Field Study

  • Masada
  • Ein Gedi
  • Qumran
  • Dead Sea beach for swimming

6. Sharon Plain and Jezreel Valley Field Study

  • Caesarea
  • Mount Carmel
  • Megiddo
  • Nazareth

7. Galilee Field Study

  • Sepphoris
  • Arbel
  • Hazor
  • Dan
  • Banias / Caesarea Philippi
  • Golan Heights
  • Capernaum
  • Magdala
  • Tabgha / Primacy of Peter
  • Chorazim
  • Mount of Beatitudes
  • Kursi
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • Swimming in the Sea of Galilee

8. Optional Jordan Field Study (2 Extra Days)**

  • Jerash
  • Jabbok River
  • Moabite capital of Dibon
  • Arnon Gorge
  • Petra
  • Edomite capital of Bozrah
  • Ammonite capital of Rabbah
  • Amman
  • Madaba
  • Mount Nebo


**When filling out the application, you are free to also sign up for the 2-day Jordan Field Study. Those who spend these extra days will return on July 4th and will have an additional $1,200 fee.