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Imperatives-Debates-Verbal Aspect

Is the negated present imperative used to command someone to STOP an activity in process?  Well… sometimes. Watch today’s weekend edition of the Daily Dose of Greek for nuanced discussion of the Greek imperative.

James 3-14

James 3:14

James 3-13

James 3:13

James 3-12

James 3:12

James 3-11

James 3:11

James 3-10

James 3:10

Phrase Diagramming – Cerone

In today’s Saturday feature, guest host Jacob Cerone, formerly of of Logos, demonstrates the practice and benefit of sentence flow outlining (phrase diagramming) in 1 Thessalonians 1:2-7.

James 3-9

James 3:9

James 3-8

James 3:8

James 3-7

James 3:7

James 3-6

James 3:6

James 3-5

James 3:5

Diamond Symbol in 1 John 2-6

In this weekend edition, guest host Dr. David Hutchison talks through the text critical apparatus of the UBS5 Greek New Testament for 1 John 2:6.

James 3-4

James 3:4

James 3-3

James 3:3



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