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In this second of three weekend videos, guest host Dr. Will Varner discusses how to decipher the word entries in the BDAG lexicon.

Mark 14-65

Mark 14:65

Mark 14-64

Mark 14:64

Mark 14-63

Mark 14:63

Mark 14-62

Mark 14:62

Mark 14-61

Mark 14:61  


In this first of three weekend videos, guest host Dr. Will Varner introduces the BDAG lexicon.

Mark 14-60

Mark 14:60

Mark 14-59

Mark 14:59

Mark 14-58

Mark 14:58

Mark 14-57

Mark 14:57

Mark 14-56

Mark 14:56

Liquid Verbs – Zacharias

Dr. Danny Zacharias has created a collection of creative, amusing, and memorable music videos to help students remember Greek paradigms.  Today, he is graciously sharing with us his video on Liquid Verbs. Helpful? For only $5, you can purchase all of Dr. Zacharias’s...

Mark 14-55

Mark 14:55

Mark 14-54

Mark 14:54



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