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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Philemon 1-15

Philemon 1:15

Philemon 1-14

Philemon 1:14

Philemon 1-13

Philemon 1:13

Philemon 1-12

Philemon 1:12

Philemon 1-11

Philemon 1:11

Do I need to know Greek?

Honest Answers video Do I have to know Greek to truly understand the Bible or to get the most out of understanding the Bible? / What does the Greek text of the NT reveal that I can't see in the...

Philemon 1-10

Philemon 1:10

Philemon 1-9

Philemon 1:9

Philemon 1-8

Philemon 1:8

Philemon 1-7

Philemon 1:7

Android Apps

Daily Dose Android Apps Good news!  A Daily Dose follower, Rick Conrad, has developed these free Daily Dose Android apps as another way to watch, download, and organize your Daily Dose videos....

Philemon 1-6

Philemon 1:6

Honest Answers – Paul’s Letters

Honest Answers video 2 How do we know the Apostle Paul really wrote all his letters?

Philemon 1-5

Philemon 1:5

Philemon 1-4

Philemon 1:4



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