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Daily Dose Memory Songs – The Greek Alphabet 

It’s our tradition at the Daily Dose to start each semester by returning to the Greek Alphabet. Sing the Greek Alphabet to yourself. Teach someone else to sing it.  As the Fall 2019 semester begins, hundreds of new students are learning the Greek alphabet for the first time.  Pray for them to be faithful ministers of the gospel.

Hip hop version:

Dr. Danny Zacharias: Creative Cartoon Alphabet song


New Website: Daily Dose of Greek in Spanish!

Today we are happy to announce the official release of our new website:, the Spanish counterpart to Our Spanish email list has already received a huge amount of support and interest. It is our prayer that this expansion of the Daily Dose ministry will draw many pastors and other Christians close to the biblical text — for personal, ecclesiastical and societal transformation for the glory of God!

Hoy tenemos el gusto de anunciar el estreno oficial de la, la página compañera de Nuestra lista de correo ya ha recibido un gran número de apoyo e interés. Nuestra oración es que la expansión del ministerio de la dosis diaria atraiga a pastores y hermanos en la fe al texto bíblico—¡para transformar la persona, iglesia, y sociedad para la gloria de Dios! La página web incluye (todo en español):




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