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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Colossians 2:11, The Circumcision of Christ

A student came up to me during a class break and asked, “How does Jesus’ circumcision as an 8-day old boy impact our salvation?” He was reading Colossians 2:11. Does the text of Colossians 2:11 speak to that issue?


Why Aorist Imperatives in the Lord’s Prayer

Have you ever noticed that all of the imperatives (requests) in the Lord’s Prayer are in the aorist tense? In today’s weekend edition, we explore the reasons for this pattern.


5 Minues in Church History Podcast

Dr. Plummer is a big fan of micro-learning, or learning in bite-size chunks. Today, he recommends a Weekly 5-minute podcast on church history, The episode from February 20, 2019, “The 3 Foot Manuscript,” is about the famous Greek grammarian, A. T. Robertson.


Greek Exegesis of James online M.Div. Course

In the Fall of 2019, Dr. Plummer will be teaching an 8-week (Oct 7 – Dec 1) online course, the Greek Exegesis of James, through Southern Seminary. In today’s 90-second video, Dr. Plummer shares about his vision for the course. This class is a 3 credit hour Masters-level course. For more information, see:




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