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Helping you read your way through the Greek New Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Matthew 4:4 with Dr. Randy Leedy

In a guest weekend edition, Dr. Randy Leedy, former Professor of NT at Bob Jones University Seminary, walks us through the Greek text of Matthew 4:4. Vimeo Video:   YouTube Video:

Randy Leedy on Diagramming

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. Randy Leedy, former Professor of NT at Bob Jones University Seminary, teaches about 'line diagramming' the Greek New Testament. You can purchase the ENTIRE GNT diagrammed by him at: The video contains discount coupon...

When was Quirinius governor of Syria (Luke 2:2)?

According to some historians, Luke got the chronology wrong about when Quirinius was governor of Syria. Today, we repost a recent episode of Three Chords and the Truth: An Apologetics Podcast, in which Dr. Robert Plummer joins Dr. Timothy Paul Jones and Garrick Bailey...

Greek Reading Partnerships

Do you wish you had an accountability partner to help you progress in your reading of the Greek New Testament? Perhaps you will be inspired to hear the testimony of Chris Wells, a pastor in rural Alabama, who leverages technology to read the GNT weekly with a...

Dr. William Varner on Acts 1:8

Today, we are happy to have Dr. William Varner of The Master’s University doing a guest screencast on Acts 1:8.  Enjoy!

Daily Dose of Latin

In today’s weekend feature, you will hear from the regular hosts of the Daily Dose of Greek and Daily Dose of Hebrew, as well as from Dr. Tyler Flatt, host of the forthcoming Daily Dose of Latin! You will also see in the video our new Hebrew, Greek, and Latin stickers...

Tense and Aspect – Lecture by Con Campbell

What Greek grammarian is also a professional saxophone player and serious body builder? That’s right – Con Campbell, an Australian scholar who teaches at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School!  I enjoyed both lecturing and exercising alongside Con at the “Linguistics...

Video Interview with Dr. Plummer

In today’s weekend edition, we are sharing a video from New Zealander Darryl Burling, founder of the ‘Master New Testament Greek’ instructional site, interviews Dr. Plummer. This video was originally published on their YouTube channel:...

Middle Voice Verbs in the NT

For today's weekend feature, we are honored to have guest host, Dr. Sue Kmetko of Stirling Theological College, Melbourne, Australia, share about her doctoral research on middle voice verbs.

Pastor Phillip Henry Greek Testimony

In today’s weekend edition, New Jersey Pastor Phillip Henry (PCA) shares about his experience of taking the Greek Review course with Dr. Plummer in January of 2017. Dr. Plummer will teach the class again, January 7-11, 2019.  During the same week, a Hebrew Review...

Ryan Fullerton Greek Testimony

In today’s weekend edition, Pastor Ryan Fullerton tells his “Greek Story” and encourages other pastors to revive their Greek by taking the Greek Review class in Louisville, Ky, January 7-11, 2018.  For more information, email [email protected] or see:...

Naselli – Conscience Book for Children

In today’s weekend edition, we introduce an illustrated children’s book on “conscience” written by a respected New Testament scholar. We also review various lexicons and word study resources that a pastor can use to better understand συνείδησις (conscience). You can...


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