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New Website: Daily Dose of Greek in Spanish!

Today we are happy to announce the official release of our new website: dosisdiariadegriego.com, the Spanish counterpart to dailydoseofgreek.com. Our Spanish email list has already received a huge amount of support and interest. It is our prayer that this expansion of...

Juan 1:29

Juan 1:29   https://vimeo.com/328886861

Juan 1:28

Juan 1:28   https://vimeo.com/328886847

Juan 1:27

Juan 1:27   https://vimeo.com/328886833

Juan 1:26

Juan 1:26   https://vimeo.com/328886825

Juan 1:25

Juan 1:25   https://vimeo.com/328886821

Juan 1:24

Juan 1:24   https://vimeo.com/327624599

Juan 1:23

Juan 1:23   https://vimeo.com/327624588

Juan 1:22

Juan 1:22   https://vimeo.com/327624578

Juan 1:21

Juan 1:21   https://vimeo.com/327624567

Juan 1:20

Juan 1:20   https://vimeo.com/327624611

Juan 1-19

Juan 1:19   https://vimeo.com/326065882

Juan 1-18b

Juan 1:18b   https://vimeo.com/326065928

Juan 1-18a

Juan 1:18a   https://vimeo.com/326065913

Juan 1-17

Juan 1:17   https://vimeo.com/326065903

Juan 1-16

Juan 1:16   https://vimeo.com/326065895

Juan 1-15

Juan 1:15   https://vimeo.com/320889183

Juan 1-14

Juan 1:14   https://vimeo.com/320889180

Juan 1-13

Juan 1:13   https://vimeo.com/320889175

Juan 1-12

Juan 1:12   https://vimeo.com/320889171

Juan 1-11

Juan 1:11   https://vimeo.com/320889166

Juan 1-10

Juan 1:10   https://vimeo.com/320889158

Juan 1-9

Juan 1:9   https://vimeo.com/320889152

Juan 1-8

Juan 1:8   https://vimeo.com/320889146

Juan 1-7

Juan 1:7   https://vimeo.com/320889141


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